“Mallorca” – “Barcelona”: prediction and rate of Eduard Mora

First match in Spain after Christmas break.

Mallorca is trying to play attacking. But at the same time he devotes a lot of time to defense. The team is very well prepared physically, which helped them last year when they went to Example. Players do not have skill and cannot have it. The club tries to win by other qualities, it is in 15th place. It is clear that the task is to keep the registration in the Example. And while the task is being completed.

As we know, Barcelona is undergoing a global rebuilding. Xavi constantly experiments, introduces a lot of young unknown players. I think this stake will pay off over time. But for now, Barça is having a hard time. She comes in 7th place. And her task is to be in the Champions League.

And for this you need to beat such an opponent.

Barça’s young talents will have no problems with motivation. As a rule, young people get in shape faster because they don’t really need to rest. I believe that they will come up to the first game in good condition.

I think that Xavi will get rid of all age players who do not live up to expectations. Dani Alves will cope with his role of “uncle” without outside help.

I think it’s not without problems, but Barcelona will beat Mallorca. I bet on P2.

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