Manchester City – Leicester: Eduard More’s forecast and bet

All countries have already left for the New Year’s break. And only in England is it in full swing, the very peak. Boxing Day is ahead, and here is its beginning.

I see Manchester City as the clear favorite. First, the team comes first, plays good football. If before that she often won in 1 ball, then recently something that has not flown before has been flying in: 4: 0, 7: 0. He plays with a large margin and simply destroys the opponent. Such teams play in waves: at the peak of the wave they endure everyone, and during the recession they can play a draw, but they still play well. Because the team has skill.

In my opinion, City is the most versatile team that does not depend on one person. She has a play set. Guardiola is good because everyone in his team knows what to do, where to run, what positions to take.

Manchester City is less dependent on the form in which this or that player. There is a constant rotation. In the last match, they could afford not to release Foden and Gundogan on the field. Sterling doesn’t always play. The load is metered. Now Mendy has legal problems, Zinchenko is playing instead. We are all happy about this and are rooting for the player.

Leicester are not a bad team. But in the middle of the week we played against Liverpool. If Klopp put in the second line-up, then Rogers set up the base. A wonderful match turned out, which took a lot of energy and emotions. But in the end, Liverpool went further, which will also affect Leicester.

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I think the game will be one-sided. City simply will not give the ball to the opponent and will tear it apart. You can safely take F1 (-2.5).

And I will focus on a modest and confident forecast: ITB1 (2.5).

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