Manchester City – Leicester: prediction and rate of Ostap Bender on the Premier League

Oh, gentlemen of the jury, I’m lost, lost. The old man swam completely. I forgot the password for my profile on “RB”. But the guys from the support service helped, supported the powerful old man. And you were saved!

New Year is just around the corner, and you haven’t bought any presents. Where are you without my rates. I’m like Guardiola. I almost stole a holiday from you.

Look at how odd the Spaniard is. Threatens the Premier League with a boycott. Like, he has a lot of matches. What regiment you served in, dear. He wanted to deprive us of our matches for the New Year. Look!

But nothing, I found a council. I told him: give back the sausage, you fool! I will forgive everything! So he agreed. So wine, women and cards are provided for us. We stock up on soda or something stronger.

Now to the point. Leicester is completely unstuck: 2 wins in 10 matches. Well, where does that fit. If I were in command of the parade, now they would fight for the championship, and not dream of salvation. But they pushed me in, removed me from control.

Well, nothing, abroad will help us. The Spaniard will throw a fiesta in England. Eight victories in a row were won by my friend in the Premier League. Crazy numbers. A powerful old man, this Guardiola. Try to stop him.

The only way is fouls. The office writes: otherwise he is invulnerable. Like the Flying Dutchman: he does what he wants. So we load comrades on cards.

There is no need to doubt our money. “Leicester” was not even left with a choice: hit on the legs – hope for points, goals – it’s useless. Oh, I feel they will recruit them, enough for two teams. Manchester City is too good

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Therefore, we take the “foxes” victories by cards. This is a typical foolishness: robbing a widow. What should I do. Guardiola is angry with the league, but the opponent will take revenge. Who else?

Bad luck guys from Leicester. Well, what to do. But we will heal beautifully.

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