“Manchester United” – “Aston Villa”: prediction and rate of Alexander Netsenko

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You are still on the “Bookmaker Rating” channel. Let’s talk about the FA Cup match in which Manchester United will host Aston Villa.

Things are going very badly under Rangnick. Quite inexpressive matches. The only meeting in which Manchester United have no complaints is against the disassembled Burnley. From “Newcastle” they barely carried their feet. We recently lost to Wolverhampton. The matches against Norwich and Crystal Palace did not look solid.

As for the “Aston Villa”, then under Gerrard, this team lost only to the top. There was also a defeat at Brentford, but I followed that match closely and was surprised by this outcome. “Villa” was more interesting in terms of the game.

Aston Villa has a return to defense leader Tyrone Mings compared to the match against Brentford. In addition, Watkins will play, which will help Aston Villa be combat-ready at Old Trafford. I will not give various statistics regarding the FA Cup, it makes no sense.

We are aware of the very bad atmosphere inside Manchester United. Not only the yellow press writes about this, but also respected publications. You can trust such publications: groupings, rejection of the head coach with his tactical plans. All this does not bode well for a good life. In this match, “Aston Villa” can fight to avoid losing in regulation time.

Naturally, in such a situation, I take the X2 bet for 2.09. Also, when Manchester United and Aston Villa are away playing grassroots football, it seems to me that the final score will be the number “1”. I take this rate for 1.70. In addition, I take a draw in one of the halves for 1.58. I think there will be a fight. I do not expect a scattering of goals scored. The fourth bet on this match is a multi-goal from 1 to 3 for 1.55. Hope we get lucky. Good luck!

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