Manchester United – Burnley: forecast and bets by Yaroslav Perkanyuk

“Manchester United”

At the moment, the “red devils” are under a hail of criticism. Most of all goes to the players themselves, who do not always behave professionally on the field. Fans and experts are unhappy with the fact that football players constantly complain about their opponents and do not work out enough in pressing. But it should be noted that Rangnick (the new coach) did not have enough time for changes in the team.
Manchester United have too many mistakes, inaccuracies in passing and terrible pressure. A number of players allow themselves not to return to work out in defense. There are many questions about the defense, which the outsiders and middle peasants of the Premier League can easily open up.


Burnley is fighting for survival almost every season. The problem is that the team has one of the weakest lineups in the Premier League, and the club cannot afford to compete in the transfer market even at this level. The Burgundy are awful on the road and score most of the points at home.

Burnley plays only on counterattacks, regardless of the score on the scoreboard. A team with almost its entire composition stands near its own penalty area and waits for mistakes from rivals. Not everyone succeeds in breaking such a defense, so burgundy ones often pull out draws.

Analysis of the fight

Players of “Manchester United” will come out angry on the field, in recent days the team has been criticized by all and sundry. One should not expect anything new from Burnley, the guests from the first minutes of the match will close in their own half of the field and will try to catch the “red devils” on mistakes.

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I propose to consider the following bets: victory of one of the teams in corners and shots on target, Burnley shots more from goal (9.5), Manchester United will score more (5.5) shots on goal in 30 minutes, ball possession Manchester United over (64.5) in the match, Burnley’s individual total offside over (1.5), Man United’s individual total shots on goal (16.5), Manchester United wins on dribbles, individual total interceptions ” Burnley “is greater (10.5).

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