“Manchester United” – “Burnley”: forecast and rate of Ilya Kazakov

The teams are on opposite sides of the chasm this Premier League season. Manchester United have chances and hopes of getting into the top 4.

Because teams have a certain number of matches in stock compared to their competitors. But the quality of the game of the “red devils” is such that the criticism of the German is only growing.

So playing away against the outsider, Newcastle, is very cheap.

Burnley was left without playing practice. After a draw with West Ham, the team was in constant training. It is unlikely that this pause could tell in the best way on the quality of the attacking game. While she looks toothless enough.

But if we look at the statistics of recent meetings, we see that more often they were grassroots. But at Old Trafford, Burnley seem to feel comfortable. Playing against a status club, he manages to bite, cling to goals, points.

Manchester needs to win this game. But it will be very difficult to finish it off. I would take a chance and take Burnley’s victory with F (+1.5). It goes with a very good ratio.

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