Metallurg Mg – Severstal: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

Severstal sank heavily in front of the Channel One Cup, having lost the last three matches. True, there the residents of Cherepovets had quite serious rivals, and some, moreover, were super-motivated. As a result, the northerners went down to fifth place, which, of course, is also gorgeous for them, but not as impressive as it was before.

It cannot be said that Magnitka has approached the Russian stage of the Euro Hockey Tour, or rather, a pause for it, in a “chocolate” state. The Urals were also thrown out of the fire, and into the fire, and with their movement they poked out an alternating current sinusoid, alternately winning and losing. As a result, the residents of Magnitogorsk managed to maintain leadership in their Eastern Conference and in the league as a whole, but if they maintain this momentum, they will not stay there for a long time.

That is, both need to be rehabilitated. And the match will be stubborn, and maybe even furious. But then the same “unknown coefficient” comes into play, which we are forced to introduce for a couple of matches after each European tour break. Without it, “Magnitka”, as I think, should crush the citizens of Cherepovets. With him – the devil only knows. But I still predict the set of two points by the hosts. How this will happen and whether Severstal will be able to hook something in Magnitogorsk, I do not know. But Magnitka is obliged to take two points – the leader, after all. And in Cherepovets, the Urals have already lost this season, and the debt, as you know, is a red payment.

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