Modified Dogon – what is it in simple words?

Modified Dogon – what is it in simple words?

Most gamblers prefer randomness and randomness in their bets, not realizing that for a long time such a game leads to a bank destroyed to zero and lost nerve cells. Most often, such betters are guided by intuition and good luck, and bets are devoid of a template or selection criteria. In contrast to such inexperienced players, there are many betting fans who have already burned themselves on impulsive betting, operating on the principle of “see-bet-win / lose-see”, and have developed their own betting system or have chosen an existing and proven one by a large number of more experienced players.

how to make money on modified dogon

It is possible that many people know the names of such strategies as “Frank Bellanger system”, “series of numbers”, “flat”, “fixed percentage of the bank”, “+ 60%”, and many others. We will tell you about a fairly common and at the same time risky betting system called “modified catch-up”, which, like all the listed strategies, has its advantages and disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Dogon

The catch-up system is known to many bettors much better than other complex strategies that need to be delved into and carefully studied. The fact is that most players use “catch-up” without any immersion in its features. In fact, everything is “simple”:

  • make a bet for a notional amount of 1000 rubles, lose it.
  • you make the next bet in the amount of 2,000 rubles and, let’s say, you also give the money to the bookmaker.
  • You place the third bet of 4,000 rubles at a coefficient of 2.0, it finally comes in, and you have no choice but to take the legitimate net winnings of 1,000 rubles.

This system is simple to the point of impossibility, however, most players often forget that:

  • firstly, there is no place for cowards and insecure players to play it (after losing 10 bets and being left with a choice to bet the last large sum or to stop, the fearful player will choose a stop, and the bet, as usually happens, is on the 11th time will play).
  • secondly, you must understand that the probability of winning a bet the 12th time is the same as the first.
  • thirdly, to use this strategy seriously and not have a large stock of the bank, or play for not your own funds means parting with those small savings that you have.

As you can see, no one promises easy money in this case, and if you get into a bad streak, you can lose yourself to smithereens. This strategy is also called the Martingale strategy.

What is the difference between modified dogon and regular dogon?

Obviously, it is “Dogon” or “Martingale” that are the predecessors of such a strategy as “Modified Dogon”, the essence of which we will analyze below. One of the main drawbacks of the usual catch-up strategy is the almost infinite number of attempts to the first win, which makes this strategy quite risky, because sooner or later your bank will play in the box. In the “modified dogon” everything is a little more confusing than in the usual one, which is why it is more interesting:

  • The number of bets in the improved “catch-up” is strictly limited, unlike its predecessor – “catch-up” of the usual, in which sometimes ten or more bets are required to achieve the minimum profit. In the “modified catch-up” the number of bets varies in the range from three to five, and if none of them enter, then the cycle must be repeated again.
  • A serious addition to “modified catch-up” is the drawing up of a template or schedule that the player must follow when choosing bets. The odds for events for this strategy, as in the usual “catch-up”, should be from 2.0. It is advisable to use classic outcomes in the template, which do not imply draw outcomes.

Using modified dogon for example

Kind of sport: football
Starting bet amount: 1000 rubles
Bet template: p1, p2, tb2.5, tm2.5, f1 (-0.5)

  • For the first bet, we choose the Napoli-Milan match, where the required coefficient of 2.19 is given for the home win. We bet on this outcome the agreed upon one thousand rubles and lose – alas, the teams finish their fight in a draw.
  • Following the pattern, for the second bet we are looking for a match with the desired odds, where we will play the victory of the second team. For example, in the match Valencia-Real we will play the victory of the Madrid team with the odds of 2.02. However, here, too, the teams disagree, forcing us to say goodbye this time to the sum of two thousand rubles (1000 * 2 = 2000).
  • With the third bet we will play the riding total on the match between Spartak and Zenit. The bet amount this time will be four thousand rubles (2000 * 2 = 4000). The minimum victory of the Muscovites with a score of 1: 0 makes this bet lose too.
  • The fourth position is for the grassroots total in the CSKA-Krasnodar match with a coefficient of 2.0. This time, following the “modified catch-up” strategy, we need to put eight thousand rubles for this choice (4000 * 2 = 8000). The teams end the fight in a draw – 1: 1, and therefore, our bet has finally won out. In this case, the fifth bet may not be made according to this template. Now it remains to calculate the profit from the operations performed: having lost one, two and four thousand rubles with the first three bets, which in total gives seven thousand, we have a net winnings from the fourth bet in the form of eight thousand (8000 * 2.0 coefficient = 16000). Now we subtract the previously lost amounts from the net winnings at the bet and get: 8000-7000 = 1000 rubles. Thus, having won on the fourth bet of the template we compiled, the net profit amounted to one thousand rubles.

It is not recommended to “change horses at the crossing” and deviate from the chosen sequence, even if at one fine moment it does not seem entirely positive to you. If five bets are played, but there is no result, you need to change the template and continue your game according to the “modified catch-up” strategy. Before starting the game using this method, we advise you to carefully study its disadvantages described above, and, correlating with your financial capabilities, make a decision: is this strategy suitable for you or not. Good luck!

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