“Montpellier” – “Angers”: prediction and rate of Alexei Smirnov

In the last round, Olivier Dal’Ogllo’s wards prevailed over “Brest” with a score of 4: 0 and interrupted his winning streak of six matches. For the implementation of scoring chances, “Montpellier” can be praised, but in the defense of this team at times chaos was created. I would say that such an impressive final result consisted of successful counterattacks by “paladins” and bad luck of opponents in completing their own attacks.

“Angers” can complain about the opposite in the meeting with “Clermont”, to whom he lost because of the only goal scored in the 84th minute. It is worth noting that this season the team of Gerard Batikl loses no more than the same “Nice” and “Rennes”, who are among the leaders. The secret of the skoists is that they are obsessed with the balance between the lines. This team rarely goes headlong into the attack, which creates big problems for opponents who rely heavily on retaliatory attacks. These include “Montpellier”, for which the upcoming meeting is a serious test. I think that “Angers” will be able to cling to the points here.

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