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Most common printer failures

The printer, like all equipment, can fail from time to time. The reasons for this can be varied. Instead of printed sheets, if your device gives out pale text with stripes, most likely, it just ran out of ink.

In this case, you need to refill the cartridges. You can produce it both at home and turn to professionals. The second option is more optimal and acceptable since not everyone knows how to handle this equipment.

If it’s not about the toner, perhaps one of the parts of the printer has failed. In this case, it is necessary to take the device for repair. And, to better understand what kind of breakdown you are facing.

Here are some of the most common printer breakdowns and their corresponding guides:

1. The printer does not turn on. Most likely, the interface fee is faulty. Here is a guide- Printer status disabled – How do I turn it on?
2. If you hear too much noise during the operation of the device, there may be a problem in the gearbox. Here is the guide- My printer makes noise while printing: How to fix it?
3. During printing, gray spots or stripes appear on the sheet – the drum is damaged. Replacing it will solve this problem.
4. Gray, uneven line through the entire sheet – wear or clogging of the rakel. This can be caused by the use of low-quality ink or severe clogging. In this case, thorough cleaning of the blades is necessary. If it does not help, then you will have to change them to new ones.
5. If part of the text is not printed, most likely, the roller of the preliminary charge has become unusable or simply clogged. You can try to clean it. If nothing changes, carry it for repair.
6. Too light print. First, you need to make sure that the printer is tucked with toner. If it’s not about it, then perhaps a foreign object got into the cartridge. Here is the guide- Why does the Printer Print Blank White Sheets?
7. If the text and lines come out too thick and saturated in color, then the dosing blade is damaged. After replacing it, the printer will start working well again.
8. Constantly repeating black dots or a black stripe through the entire sheet – the thermal film is damaged. The most common cause of such a breakdown is getting inside, unfilled from paper, paper clips. Here is the guide- Why does my printer print in strips? How to fix
9. The device does not grab the paper. Most likely, the mechanism is heavily contaminated. Cleaning it up should fix this problem. Here is the guide- The printer captures multiple sheets: What to do?
10. Paper stuck in the middle of the printer – a malfunction in the paper output sensor. Cleaning or replacement is required.

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Perhaps these are the most frequent and common breakdowns of printers. If your device has started to work poorly, it is better to be re-insured and take it to repair.

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