Moyuka Uchichima – Nigina Abduraimova: forecast and bets by Yaroslav Perkanyuk

Moyuka Uchichima

Uchima started her professional career a few years ago. But the tennis player regularly disappears somewhere, plays for several weeks, then does not play the same amount. For this reason, Moyuka still does not have access to serious competition and spends most of his playing time at ITF 15K. The Japanese woman regularly goes to the final stages and wins titles, but so far she is only holding in the top 450 (at 443 positions).

Uchijima performs more consistently on fast surfaces. In most cases, a tennis player acts as the second number on the court, she by all available means provokes her opponents to take unreasonable risks and expects mistakes. Moyuka serves poorly, so he plays more confidently at the reception.

Nigina Abduraimova

There was a period when Abduraimova kept close to the top 100 and approached the WTA competition. But at the peak of her form, health problems began and for a long time the tennis player did not have constant playing practice. Last year, Nigina played only 4 matches, as a result, ended up in the top 600. This season, Abduraimova began to spend more time on the tour and is gradually gaining shape.

Abduraimova consistently makes a lot of double and unforced mistakes in every fight. The tennis player regularly forces events on the court and tries to seize the initiative from the first blow. For this reason, Nigina has difficulties even in matches with clear outsiders.

Analysis of the fight

Uchichima cannot improve the serve in any way, so Abduraimova will have a huge number of breakpoints and breaks. In turn, Nigina does not know the measure of risk, which is why she makes about 10 doubles in recent matches and a bunch of unforced errors. I expect the match to drag on, the chances of winning are 50-50.

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