Multiplier for CFFC tournament: Professional Grappling: prediction and rate of Yaroslav Perkanyuk

Eddie Torres – Alex Caceres

Eddie Torres has been grappling all his life. He performed in many organizations, but only managed to prove himself in CFFC. Caceres is back in shape and is still an extremely dangerous fighter, but only in mixed martial arts. Alex is doing well in wrestling, but Torres has a total advantage in all aspects, from physical strength to skill level.

Kevin Holland – Cody Hamra

Holland stands out for his incredible punch, speed and skill. That’s just in the fight Kevin is a complete zero. The American is “buried” on the canvas by the UFC fighters who have mediocre wrestling. Hamra’s grappling level is at the highest level, so the fight with Holland is an easy walk for him.

Phil Hos – Andre Petroski

Jose is a physically powerful fighter who is dangerous both in stance and on the ground. But Phil’s problem is that he often makes gross mistakes. Petroski’s grappling level is much higher. Most of the victories in MMA Andre won only thanks to the struggle. He confidently keeps his opponents on the canvas and at the first opportunity comes to a painful hold.

Donald Cerrone – Joe Solecki

Cerrone continues to enjoy great prestige in MMA. But everyone understands perfectly well that the best days of the “cowboy” are far behind. It’s hard to even imagine what he can oppose to the young and physically powerful grappler Solecki, who has been wrestling since a young age.

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Clay Guida – Billy Quarantillo

It’s no secret that Guida goes to the octagon only for a check. He fights with the same rivals, whose career peak is already far behind. Clay has wrestling skills and has won many submissions. But Quarantillo is younger, physically stronger, faster and also excels at grappling. Billy has never lost by submission, Guida 10 times.

Carla Esparza – Daniel Kelly

Esparza took over the fight with Kelly on short notice several days in advance. There are great doubts about Karla’s readiness. Kelly performs only according to the grappling rules, she can enter a painful hold from any position and has a huge number of “home preparations” in her arsenal, with the help of which she surprises her rivals.

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