Napoli vs Lazio forecast for November 28, 2021

The central match of the 14th round of Serie A will be the confrontation between Napoli and Lazio. In case of victory, the team of Maurizio Sarri can move up to 5th place, falling into the zone of the Europa League. The Napoli – Lazio football match will begin on November 28, 2021 at 22:45 Moscow time.

Napoli: before the match

The Neapolitans have lost their last two matches, although before this segment, Napoli had only one defeat this season. Head coach Luciano Spalletti explained the defeat in the last match against Spartak by the fact that his team played worse:

The weather did not play any role. We had everything to have a good match. We lost because Spartak was better today.

Napoli is having problems. The Neapolitans had a hard time defeating the outsider Salernitana. Then there was a draw with Verona and two defeats in a row from Inter and Spartak. This decline in form is explained by two factors. Napoli was initially very lucky. In all respects, they are significantly higher than expected. Now the Neapolitans simply stopped being lucky.

The second factor is injury. There are two main strikers in the infirmary, Osimhen and Insigna. Midfielders Zambo and Adam were also injured. The only positive thing is the return to the lineup of Diego Dimme. The midfielder has tested negative for coronavirus and should be available for the match against Lazio.

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Lazio: before the match

Maurizio Sarri’s team performs extremely unevenly. This is due to the fact that Lazio is just getting used to the coach’s new installations. In one match, the eagles can beat Inter, in another, mindlessly lose to Bologna and Verona.

Napoli is a convenient contender for Sarri’s team. Lazio plays on counterattacks, allowing the opponent to take the initiative. Modern Napoli plays through the rapid advance of the ball upward with vertical passes – the perfect opponent for Lazio.

However, the Eagles have line-up problems. Ciro Immobile, who recently became the top scorer in the history of the club, was injured and missed a meeting with Juventus. He will also miss the match with Lokomotiv and his participation in the game with Napoli is in question.

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Where to look

The match will be broadcasted by the Match Football TV channel. The text broadcast will be available at

Odds and odds

  1. Napoli won 4 up in the last 6 meetings… Twice more victory went to Lazio. The last time the teams played was in 2016.
  2. Both teams have lost their top forwards
  3. Napoli has the best defense in the league – total 7 conceded goals… In terms of xGA (expected goals conceded), Spalletti’s team is also the best in Serie A.
  4. The recommended bet per match is TM 3 for 1.76.

Basic forecast

Less than 3 goals

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