Natalia Stevanovich – Brenda Frukhvirtova: forecast and rate. The Frukhvirtov sisters will be able to replace the Williams sisters?

Natalia Stevanovich

Natalia is 277th in the WTA Tour. Previously, this tennis player played under the name of Kostić, but after she got married, she decided to play under the name of her husband. The representative of Serbia is somehow not very stable in recent years. In her last fight, Stevanovic refused to continue the fight in the confrontation with Elsa Jacquemo (0: 6, 2: 2). It happened on December 2.

It is still difficult to name the objective reasons for what is happening. Perhaps Natalia received some damage.

Brenda Frukhvirtova

The Frukhvirtov sisters, according to many experts, have incredible potential. Linda is 16 years old and already performing on the adult tour, so it’s time for Brenda, who is 14, to try herself on the WTA tour.

Frukhvirtova Jr. performs more on the ground than on the hard. Its best results come from this coverage. A good serve, skillful movement along the back line make the representative of the Czech Republic a dangerous rival for many opponents.

Personal meeting history

The tennis players have never met among themselves.

Outcome betting

Natalia Stevanovic’s victory is estimated by the coefficient 2.11and the triumph of Brenda Frukhvirtova can be played as 1.76.

Forecast and rates

Natalia Stevanovic has a good ending to the season. It is only unclear what happened to the Serbian tennis player in her last match, when she refused. Three weeks had passed, but again the extent of her damage was unknown. Frukhvirtova Jr. in this confrontation will be able to count on success. She has practically no experience of playing on hard. She achieved all her successes in her career on clay. Despite this, she will immediately be able to start with a victory at the WTA tournament in a match against a worthy opponent who did not manage to finish her last match.

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