“New York” – “Atlanta”: forecast and rate. Hawks lose to Knicks

“New York”

The Knicks’ performance in December was hardly a success. The team does not show any stability, having won only three times in the last 12 battles. At home, the indicators are sad at all – one defeat in the last seven meetings. Gradually, however, “New York” begins to cope with the covid and the performers who have recovered are returning to the line-up. In the last match, Kemba Walker played enchantingly, but Washington failed to defeat, surprisingly let down the defense, which in Thibodeau’s team should be a trump card. Ahead is a meeting with the bloodless “Atlanta”. This is a great opportunity to open up a new streak of home wins. It’s time for the Knicks to beat a worthy opponent. New York’s last victories were over Houston and Detroit.


“Hawks” largely thanks to the powerful game Bogdanovich managed to create a sensation in the last meeting and beat “Philadelphia” with an almost bloodless composition. The Hawks won on someone else’s floor for the seventh time in a row. Quite frankly, the episode is already insane, so it’s time for it to end, especially since Tray Young and the group of performers of the foundation are yet to play. There should be a limit to sensations, especially since the calendar ahead of the “Hawks” is very difficult – eight games out of the next nine will be away.


Initially, I wanted to try to play total, but the Knicks are acting too scattered within their own walls, alternating the “tops” with the “bottoms”. It could have played against Atlanta in the first quarter, which the Hawks won five straight away away games, but the Knicks are doing very poorly in the first 12 minutes.

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In this case, I consider it reasonable to simply take the victory of “New York” with a handicap (-6). It’s time for the Hawks’ away streak to be interrupted. On the road, “Atlanta” lost only once with a smaller margin, and the “Knicks” at home only won one meeting with a smaller margin.

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