“Newcastle” – “Manchester United”: prediction and rate of Arthur Petrosyan

Sixteen days will elapse between Manchester United’s last game and this one. On the one hand, the team could get out of the game rhythm during this time, on the other hand, Rangnick unexpectedly got a lot of time to work as closely as possible with the players. For football, which he wants to see in their performance, both good physical fitness and freshness are important, and it seems that this should not be a problem.

It will not be easy for Newcastle to get out of the guests’ pressure, but still the forty will have their chances. It is unlikely that Manchester United’s actions will be perfect, and in recent games the Mancunians had problems after losing the ball, or because of unsuccessful pressing.

I think the game can turn out to be quite entertaining. “Newcastle” and in general always play boldly against big teams at home, and Eddie Howie added boldness to his new players. So the moments here will surely arise both there and there.

I will assume that the guests will not lose, and both teams will differ at least once.

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