“Newcastle” – “Manchester United”: prediction and rate of Ivan Mlechny

We continue to discuss the English league and the match that I would like to talk about now, this is the meeting between Newcastle and Manchester United.

Newcastle is not yet able to use the money of the sheikhs and is in disaster at the bottom of the standings. By the way, only “Norwich” is below. It is clear that the situation is not yet the most critical, but in general it will be very difficult to get out of it, even taking into account the cash injections. There was also bad luck with the calendar at the end of the season, Leicester, Liverpool, City and now United. What points gained during this period of time can we talk about?

With the arrival of Rangnik, Manchester United have started to gain points at least steadily, which is already good. The team has not lost six matches in a row and continues its pursuit of Arsenal and the fourth place, which gives the right to play in the Champions League next year. Ronaldo continues to score and score points for his club.

Even with all of United’s problems, I cannot imagine a scenario in which they could manage to lose points in a match against such a Newcastle. Manchester have all chances to catch up and overtake London Arsenal, as the difference between the teams is five points, but Manchester United have two more games in reserve. My prediction for this meeting is that Manchester United will win with a handicap (-1.5). Such “Newcastle” concedes a lot and this match will not be an exception. Good luck!

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