Night sports betting: to do or not?

Night sports betting: to do or not?

Since bookmakers have almost completely gone online, bettors have the opportunity to place bets at any time of the day. If it was possible to make bets at the ground acceptance point only during the day, in the online office this can be done around the clock. A logical question arises – are night sports betting good, or not? Mightytips experts have analyzed this issue in detail.

Sports betting at night - pros and cons

Who makes sports bets at BC at night?

Night sports betting is not always a whim of bettors. Do not forget about the number of time zones on the planet, and some matches that start in the afternoon in South or North America, in Russia and the CIS take place well after midnight. If you are an expert in the NBA or NHL, then, whatever one may say, you cannot do without night bets. The situation is similar with competitions in Japan and in the Far East in general, as well as in Australia. For example, two of the four largest tennis tournaments of the year (Australian Open and US Open) are played exclusively at night.

The strategy of night bets in the bookmaker does not differ much from the game in the daytime, but it requires increased responsibility and concentration. It is clear that at night you need to fight not only with the bookmaker, but also with the tiredness accumulated during the day and the desire to fall asleep. Sometimes it is more profitable to give up bets altogether than to play through force, to lose concentration and money. This is best done if the previous day was too tiring.

However, some bettors are “owls” in life and go to bed when most of them wake up for work. For such bookmaker clients, betting at night can be a way to have fun and kill time. True, with this approach, it is unrealistic to beat the bookmaker at a distance.

Sports for night bets

The lines of bookmakers offer a huge selection of events, including for those who like night bets. In the dark, it is proposed to bet on the following tournaments and matches:

  • football championships of Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and others) and Asia (starting closer to morning), as well as the Copa Libertadores and the South American Cup (analogues of the Champions League and Europa League);
  • NHL matches;
  • NBA fights;
  • baseball (in most lines represented only by the MLB North American League);
  • tennis tournaments in the Americas, Asia and Australia (the most famous of which are the Australian and US Opens mentioned above).

As you can see, many of the tournaments available for betting at night are popular and have a lot of fans. There are other sports offered for night betting, but their popularity is noticeably lower (for example, the AHL hockey league or the US student basketball leagues).

Night sports betting rules

As we said, the strategies and rules for betting at night do not differ much from the day period. First of all, you need to decide for what purpose you are making a bet. If winning is not the goal itself, then further recommendations are useless. But if you want to beat the office, you need:

  • Use popular betting strategies, define and clearly control the game bank, and constantly monitor the sport or tournament you are betting on.
  • To exclude the word “sure” or “one hundred percent rate” from the lexicon.
  • Play only in large bookmakers that value their reputation. Do not be fooled by high odds at little-known bookmakers – it is not a fact that you will be able to withdraw the won money.
  • Choose only the sport that you are good at. We wrote earlier about the rules for choosing a sport for betting.
  • Do not fill express bets from bets on clear favorites with low odds. No, no, but one of the leaders will let you down. In the same NBA and NHL, any outsider can beat any favorite.
  • It is advisable not to bet express bets at all. The strategy of playing in single bets is more reliable.
  • Better to play live than prematch. At night, the likelihood of catching a BC error during a match increases. Offices leave fewer staff for night shifts, and shift workers tend to make mistakes and react more slowly to match changes.

Pros and cons of night betting in bookmaker offices

Summarizing all of the above, there are several general advantages of the disadvantages of night bets can be deduced.

The pluses include

  • quite interesting events (NBA, NHL, a number of major tennis tournaments are played only at night);
  • at night there is a high probability of catching the bookmaker on a mistake;
  • there is no such time pressure of events as during the day.

Now the cons

  • if during the day, even on the most “boring” days, there are a dozen or two events, then at night you will have to limit yourself to 2-3 matches;
  • night bets require increased concentration, since the human body gets tired during the day, it becomes more difficult for the bettor to maintain a sobriety of mind;
  • Offices at night often overload servers and carry out technical work, as a result of which sites may be unavailable.

Night sports betting in the bookmaker’s office is recommended only for experienced bettors who know how to analyze Asian or North American competitions, and also competently control the resources of their body.

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