“Norwich” – “Arsenal”: prediction and rate of Eduard Mora

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You are on the “Bookmaker Rating” channel. When all the countries have already left for a break, the fun begins in England. On the very first day of Catholic Christmas in England, Premier League matches will be held. Let’s talk about the Norwich vs Arsenal match.

An interesting match. “Norwich” is in last place in the standings, and “Arsenal” after a long time, when it seemed that nothing would save the team, and everyone thought that Arteta would be dismissed, the management withstood it all, showed patience. Arsenal are doing fine now. The Gunners broke into the top 4. Over time, the team can add.

Everyone was patient, the players, the coaches, the management and everyone started playing the football that Arteta sees. This is attacking football, combinational and eye-catching football. Something like the football that Guardiola does: four defenders, fast edges. Martinelli added a lot, one of the leaders of the team now. The center of the field is cemented by Jaka and Thomas.

Lacazette and Aubameyang were ahead, but the second is now in big problems. There are disciplinary problems. Most likely, he will leave the team. Several matches in a row he is out of the application. Nevertheless, the game is stable and improves with every match. Arsenal have won the last matches and will certainly continue to improve.

Norwich are trying their best, but the team is just weak in terms of people. There are no strong players. Norwich is in last place, but the team is not hopeless. It was a good November. In November, they won two matches and scored 6 goals out of 8. In December, the team does not succeed, neither goals scored nor victories. I think that the December trend will continue. It seems to me that Norwich now will not be able to oppose anything to Arsenal.

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I will give two options for this match. First, Norwich will not score with odds higher than two. Only some kind of misfortune can prevent Arsenal from being missed in this game. The most confident option is Arsenal’s victory with a handicap (-1.5). Even if Norwich scores, Arsenal will still win confidently.

Everyone is in a great mood, we are watching the Premier League and see you soon.

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