Nottingham Forest – Huddersfield: forecast and rate. “Foresters” will burn bridges

Meeting of two applicants for a ticket to the playoffs. After 24 rounds, Huddersfield settled in sixth position, Nottingham in ninth. They were separated by only two points.

Moreover, the “Terriers” took the lead in the last round. They defeated the solid Blackpool (3: 2) and the Foresters burned out Middlesbrough (0: 2).

But in the upcoming game, the bookmakers give preference to the owners. Nottingham win 2.06, draw 3.44, Huddersfield win 3.84.

Note that the “foresters” were stronger in the first round. They won on the road – 2: 0. But in the upcoming game, the X2 bet for 1.83 is interesting.

Inexplicable, but true: Nottingham are the away team. Immediately 19 out of 35 points she took away. The “foresters” looked much worse at home. They have won just 4 wins in 12 games at the City Ground.

Huddersfield also looked good in a foreign field. He received only 5 defeats in 12 meetings. This figure has become one of the best in the Championship.

Therefore, in the upcoming game, the X2 bet for 1.83 is interesting. This is a risky but interesting option.

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