Oklahoma City – Denver: forecast and rate. The Nuggets will shoot in the 2nd quarter

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Oklahoma City

“Thunder” are the only team that has not yet been touched by the covid. Oklahoma have won four times in seven past games, including their last two back-to-back matches against the Clippers and Memphis. Nevertheless, one can hardly expect stability from such a non-stellar line-up. Yes, the “thunderous” know how to resist, but periodically there are large-scale failures. In their home walls, before winning the game against the Clippers, the Thunder had seven consecutive defeats. The Nuggets may be too tough for Oklahoma.


“Nuggets” can not give a decent winning streak. In the last 10 meetings, “Denver” won six times, but only once it turned out to issue a mini-series of two victories. On the road, the situation is even better – five wins in the last 8 battles, and in four successful matches the difference in the score was at least 9 points. The main thing is that while Nikola Jokic is playing and is not in the covid protocol. Moreover, “Denver” missed the last match and got a decent rest, so it is not for nothing that “nuggets” are quoted as favorites in this battle.


In this meeting, one could consider the victory of the “Nuggets” with a handicap (-6), for example, but at home “Oklahoma” lost about half of their losing matches with a smaller margin. In this case, I would like to choose an unusual rate based solely on statistics. It is noteworthy that “Denver” is unparalleled in the game in the second quarter on the road – 12 wins in 16 matches with an average performance of 31.5 points, and the average score difference is 4.5 points.

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“Oklahoma” at home lost 7 second quarters in 15 games, with an average performance of 27.5 points. If we take all the matches of “Thunder”, then in the second quarter it has 17 defeats in 29 meetings with a performance of 26 points. In this regard, we can consider the victory of “Denver” in the second quarter with a handicap (-1.5) for 1.91.

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