OKR – Switzerland: forecast and rate. OCD is a contender to win the Games

Team form

Everyone has already spoken about the fact that since NHL players do not go to the Olympics, the ROC team becomes the clear favorite of the tournament. The German national team (silver medalist of past Olympic Games) laughs quietly on the sidelines after such statements. In our opinion, this fact simply equalizes the European teams in its class and, of course, reduces the chances of the North American teams.

The last time the teams met was in May this year in the qualifying round of the World Cup. Then the Russian team won 4: 1 and took first place in the group. The Swiss are second, ahead of the Czechs and Swedes, for example. We mean that we shouldn’t pay attention to the fact that the Swiss play their Eurotour matches in the second strongest league, where the Russian Olympic team, Slovakia and Latvia play. By the way, the Swiss defeated these rivals recently.

It is clear that OCD is stronger, so the coefficient for his victory in the match is small – 1.4. On the success of the Swiss – 4.1.

Total and Result Bets

The first match in the tournament is always a little warm-up, as the great teams reach their peak form for the final. But, if the Russian national team really claims a gold medal, a team like Switzerland, it must win, if not “in one wicket”, but in regulation time.

The Russians always try to play aggressive, combination hockey, which inevitably leads to defensive failures. So we are waiting for heads in both directions.

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Our rate

The Russians have always been stronger than the Swiss. And the Channel One Cup and the last Swiss meetings at the Eurotour showed that both teams know how to score, so we bet on the victory of ROC plus TB 4.5 with a coefficient of 1.84.

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