One-goal win or draw: betting features

One-goal win or draw: betting features

Modern bookmakers offer a huge number of markets for sporting events. First of all, a large painting is offered for football and hockey matches. One of the most popular types of bets is “one goal win or a draw”.

Winning by one goal: what the bet means

This type of bet is especially good for matches of equal opponents. Bettor bets on 2 probable outcomes at once, which increases his chances of winning. If one of them plays, the bet will be profitable. Choosing a bet “one goal win or a draw”, the player predicts that the team of his choice will win with a difference of exactly one goal (in hockey – the puck), or the meeting will end in a draw.

Let’s consider a specific example. Let’s say we are betting on El Clásico between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The meetings of these teams are always unpredictable, so it is rather difficult to guess the outcome. Whatever state the teams are in, they always give battle to their sworn enemy.

1-Ball Win or Draw Bet

So we bet on Barcelona to win by 1 goal or draw. How is this, an inexperienced bettor will ask? It’s simple – the Catalans have to win with a score of 1: 0, 2: 1, 3: 2, and so on, or bring the match to a draw with any result. If the blue garnet win with a difference of 2 or more goals or are defeated, the bet will not work.

Rate variations

The market in question has several variations. For example, you can bet strictly on winning with one goal for either team.

Let’s say in the same El Clasico you bet on Real Madrid to win with one goal. You will be satisfied with the result 1: 0, 2: 1, 3: 2, 4: 3 and so on in favor of Madrid. True, it is not entirely clear whether it is worth rooting for Real from the first minutes, because having scored an early goal, the team can “carry over the bumps” of the opponent and win by 2 goals or more, which for your bet will mean defeat.

In addition, bookmakers offer to bet on a 1-2 goal win for any team. Let’s say you decide that Barcelona will definitely beat Real, but there will be no defeat in the match. Having bet on the victory of the Catalans in 1-2 goals, you need to cheer for results such as 1: 0, 2: 0, 2: 1, 3: 1, 3: 2, 4: 2, 4: 3 and so on in favor of blue garnet. Barça’s victory by 3 goals will not suit you, nor will Real Madrid win or draw.

Features of the bet win in one ball or draw

It has already been said above that this rate is often “included” in matches of equal opponents. If we talk about championships and tournaments, then there are several points:

  • it is dangerous to place such a bet on “attacking” championships (German Bundesliga, Dutch Eredivisie). In these leagues, teams can score a large number of goals against each other;
  • it is worth paying attention to more closed championships (Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, if PSG does not participate in the match, Russian Premier League). Often the fate of these meetings is decided by 1 goal, or the game ends 0: 0;
  • The one-goal win or draw bet is good for the playoffs of major tournaments (Champions League, World and European Championships). The cost of mistakes in such games is high, so teams try not to risk unnecessarily;
  • there are a number of pragmatic teams that play defensively (most Serie A clubs led by Juventus). It is also worth studying the manner of one or another coach – for example, the teams of the Portuguese Jose Mourinho almost never run into the attack with their checkers bare.

All these rules should not be considered as a whole, but separately. Each match and each situation is individual: if in the conditional semi-final of the Champions League the team lost the first match with a difference of 2-3 goals, it is clear that in the return match it will try to recoup.

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