Outsider betting strategy in cup matches

Outsider betting strategy in cup matches

It seems to inexperienced bettors at bookmakers that betting on favorites is the safest way. Say, since the office has made a team or a player a favorite, then there are good reasons for this. However, other betting tactics have the right to life, in particular, the strategy of betting on outsiders in cups. Its main principle is to calculate and catch the sensations that often occur in the cup competitions of the leading European leagues.

outsider betting strategy

Features of betting on underdogs

Why, with all the external evidence of the advantages of betting on favorites, do many bettors prefer the opposite? To begin with, underdogs always get high odds. Expecting a large stream of bets on the favorite, the bookmakers underestimate the odds on his opponent.

Most often, bettors begin to load more heavily on the favorite by the beginning of the match. Accordingly, the coefficient drops even more. Therefore, it is recommended to place bets on the underdog just before the start of the match. As a result, the bet on the outsider becomes valuable, due to which the player gets an advantage over the bookmaker when playing at a distance.

As with any bet, betting on outsiders in cups cannot be made on the basis of intuition alone, without serious and thoughtful analysis. The main thing to pay attention to when choosing a match is the motivation, which each club may have its own. This is the desire to prove oneself in front of native fans or potential employers, and the long-standing and fundamental confrontation between the clubs, and many other options.

Outsider betting in cups: the basics of strategy

This strategy is quite simple and straightforward even for novice bettors. But for its successful implementation, you need to be closely involved and follow the football in the European championships.

It is no secret that the leading clubs of the main championships (England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France) do not pay too much attention to national cups. The reasons for this may be different – for example, in England, some football players, taking into account European cups, have to play 55-60 matches per season, which is very exhausting. In addition, England and France have not only the National Cup, but also the League Cup. Some teams deliberately drain the cup to focus on more important competitions.

What is required from a bettor?

  1. During the initial rounds of the National Cup, choose about 5 teams from the elite division, which, in your opinion, do not need the tournament at all. This means that such teams will try to go through the first stages of the tournament with little blood – using youth and players from the nearest reserve, because they will have clubs in the lower divisions as opponents.
  2. Having determined for yourself 5 matches in which sensations are most likely, you should place bets either on the net victories of the underdogs, or (for reliability) on their passes to the next round. In the first case, the odds are guaranteed to be 7.0 and higher.
  3. The bet should be the same amount – say, 1000 rubles for each match.
  4. As already mentioned, in the early stages of cup tournaments, sensations are commonplace. Therefore, at least one of your bets should play with a high degree of probability. If this happens, you will already be in the black. If 2-3 bets are played, then the winnings will be quite tangible.

Unbiased statistics of bets on outsiders from experienced bettors suggests that this strategy can bring good profits. The main thing is to use strategists correctly, and not to bet at random or at the call of intuition. Often, odds for outsider wins are unreasonably high, and this tendency should be exploited.

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