Panathinaikos – Zalgiris: forecast and rate. The Greeks will defeat the Lithuanians


In the last match against Olympiacos, the Athenian team failed to impose a struggle, although Pao still finds strength and support in their home walls to show basketball that brings results. The Greeks lost two home battles in a row, but before that they won 4 out of 6. On the road, everything is very sad, without victories, but at home the resistance turns on. Perhaps the motivation for this season has already been lost, but again it is the native tribunes that will add the desire to Papayanis and the company to break the resistance of their neighbor in the last places.


The Lithuanian club, like its current rival, has lost the last three matches, but again, like Pao, it has not yet won away. Moreover, “Zalgiris” lost all away matches with a difference of at least 12 points, that is, without any chances of winning and even fighting. By the way, one of the three victories of the Lithuanian club since the beginning of the season was at home over Panathinaikos, but now a trip to Greece may result in an extension of the away losing streak. With the attack at “Zalgiris” on the road, everything is expectedly bad. Only twice since the start of the season have they managed to score more than 73 points. In defense, everything is just as sad – in three of the last four away battles “Zalgiris” received at least 95 points.


In this game, the home walls may be the key factor, which should motivate “Pao” to complete their losing streak, especially since the coefficient on the success of the Greeks is estimated at two, which is somewhat surprising in light of the fact that the Lithuanians simply have failed performances on the road. You can also look closely at the total “Pao” more than 75 points, but just a victory will be enough.

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