“Philadelphia” – “Pittsburgh”: prediction and rate of Pavel Lysenkov

The morale of Pittsburgh is impressive. Recently, San Jose was defeated with a score of 8: 5.

And now the Pence have beaten St. Louis at home (5: 3).

Moreover, the defender of “St. Louis” Niko Mikkola in the middle of the second period broke the nose of the captain of “Pittsburgh” Sidney Crosby. At that time, the Blues were leading 2: 0.

But what happened next?
On the 36th minute, when the score was 1: 3, the returned Crosby with a sealed nose gave an effective pass to Brian Rast.
In the 52nd minute, Crosby beat Mikkola on a nickle and finished off the puck after a long-range shot by Jake Guntzel (3: 3). The St. Louis Challenge was unsuccessful and Pittsburgh won the majority.

With a throw-in in the center circle, Crosby brought the puck into the wrong zone, which marked the beginning of the Penguins’ effective attack, which ended with an accurate throw to touch Evan Rodriguez. The goal was victorious.

Bottom line: Pittsburgh won the ninth consecutive victory, Crosby was recognized as the first star of the match, and Mikkola and St. Louis were left with noses in the literal sense of the word.

And these “Pence” go to the match in Philadelphia – in the famous Pennsylvania derby, where teams and fans literally hate each other.

The Flyers are on the decline, and even the change of head coach did not help – three defeats in a row. The only advantage for Philadelphia is that they play at home and every other day, while Pittsburgh is playing for the second day in a row.

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In this match, I would have taken odds of 2.60 for the fact that Pittsburgh will win in regulation time, and the total of this game will be more than 5.5 goals. This is the most logical prediction if we need a high coefficient.

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