Phoenix – Golden State: forecast and rate. “Warriors” are capable of sensations


A serious match is to be held by the “sunny” ones, who have already won 15 home battles in a row. A decent series, and only occasionally “Phoenix” was close to defeat. However, now the rivals will be the main competitor for leadership in the West, which has already beaten Sans, however, within its own walls. Now, on paper, the advantage is on the side of the Arizonans, and not because of the home floor, but due to the fact that Monty Williams’ team will play in an almost optimal composition, but the opponent has losses.

“Phoenix” won the last five battles and so far does not give cause for misfire. Booker returned to the ranks, who is in good shape. There is Ayton, surprisingly consistently healthy and Chris Paul, who in the “Sans” for the second season in a row is going through a new period of his career. In general, much indicates that it is very difficult to beat the “Phoenix” in its current state.

Golden State

“Warriors”, which are almost perfect in their native walls, misfire on the road. In half of the last six away battles, the “warriors” have lost, but almost every time there were objective reasons. This time, Kerr’s team, who was not happy with the fact that they will have to play away again at Christmas, will not help Poole and Wiggins, and this is a serious loss on the part of the attack.

But having Stephen Curry on the team, who is capable of anything or nearly everything, leaves the Warriors’ chances for a sensation. Yet Green is also in the ranks. There is Peyton, Bjelitsa, Porter. Each of them can shoot to help Curry, but without the extravaganza from Stephen, you can hardly count on success, and after all, in the last game with strong “Memphis” Curry scored 46 points and showed that he can put the squeeze on any opponent.

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In this meeting, I think there is a reason for taking risks and trying to catch a high coefficient. The teams are relatively equal, and if the guests’ defense can destroy the attacking potential of “Phoenix”, then Victoria will be close. It is clear that Sans has more chances, but when the coefficient for the victory of the second team in the league is 3.30, then it definitely needs to be considered.

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