“Polytechnica” – “Nysa”: forecast and rate of Timur Khabibullin

As part of the twelfth round of the Polish championship, Polytechnica Lublin will host an outsider, Nysa, at its site.

In this meeting from the line, I would choose the total total more, since both teams show approximately the same volleyball. But there are more advantageous positions in the line, despite the fact that these are statistics.

This season, Polytechnica Lublin has been quite successful on the block, gaining an average of 9.5 successful actions. In the regular season, they currently occupy the 5th place in terms of effectiveness in this element, where they have made 102 blocks in 11 matches played.

Volleyball players of “Nys” cannot boast of such indicators, but at the same time they manage to gain on average 7.5 blocks per match, taking the 8th place according to these indicators in the league.

Nevertheless, approximately equal teams will play in the upcoming match. Do not underestimate the Nys volleyball players. Although they take the last place, they show relatively even play in matches with opponents of equal rank. In such matches, I consider the total total of the match, but it seems to me that in one of the games there can be a major defeat, so even if four sets are played, the total may not pass. Based on this, there is a more preferable position in the line in the form of the total number of blocks, where both teams show very large numbers in this element in their matches. I believe that this total is capable of breaking through in three games, and if you take into account that the match will drag on for four games, then you can bet in the range from 14.5 to 15.5.

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