Postponed match betting

Postponed match betting

In most sports, there are situations where the meeting needs to be rescheduled, and football matches are no exception. Both the started matches and the upcoming ones can be transferred. Often, novice bettors have questions: how are bets calculated on the postponed matches, is it worth betting on the postponed match?

Postponed match betting

Reasons for postponing matches

  • bad weather conditions (heavy rain, wind, snowfall, frost);
  • technical problems such as stadium lighting;
  • organizational problems (inappropriate behavior of fans, mass brawl during the match);
  • the threat of a terrorist attack or other emergency situation;
  • there is reason to believe that the match is of a contractual nature;
  • at the request of the club itself, due to the busy schedule of games, participation in cup matches or a large number of injured (sick) players;
  • other reasons.

How the rate is calculated

According to the general provisions stipulated in the conditions for accepting bets and the results, upon the occurrence of which the participants in the game are subject to the payment of winnings or the return of the bets of all official bookmakers, if the match is postponed for a time less than that established by the bookmaker’s rules, the bet will be calculated after the outcome of the match. If the match is postponed for a longer period than indicated in the regulation, then the bet placed will be calculated with odds 1. However, the time period differs for different bookmakers. In the bookmaker’s office “Marathon” the maximum time limit is 48 hours; in BC “Parimatch” this value is 36 hours, and in BC “Betcity” the time is reduced to 15 hours.

In addition, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of your bookmaker, because football matches can be transferred not only to other dates, but also to other fields, cities and even countries.

Specificity of bets on postponed matches

When returning a bet on football with odds 1, due to the postponement of the match, novice players tend to make a second bet on the original event, however, there are nuances that you should pay attention to:

  • the match has been postponed to a date that is inconvenient for one of the teams (for example, the postponed match is followed by a game in the cup, or a number of the main players have been called up to the national team);
  • coaches of both teams can change the tactical scheme of their team, change the style of play;
  • an emotional decline of the favorite team can occur.

Due to a number of factors, when betting on football on postponed matches, you should re-conduct an in-depth pre-match analysis, look at the teams’ schedule and learn about changes in lineups.

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