Prematch or live: how to bet in the bookmaker more profitably

Prematch or live: how to bet in the bookmaker more profitably

Disputes about which bets are more profitable in the bookmaker’s office, live or prematch, have not subsided for many years. There are enough supporters on both sides who give their arguments. Mightytips experts will tell you which sports betting is more profitable.

Which sports bets in the bookmaker are more profitable - prematch or live

Prematch and live bets: the main differences

In each bookmaker’s office, teams of professionals work on the pre-match lines. They calculate dozens of factors before setting this or that coefficient. Quotes may vary depending on the volume of bets. In live, everything is different – any event in the match seriously affects the coefficient, and it is not a whole state that monitors the live, but usually one person. Accordingly, in live, the chances of catching a good odds or a bookmaking error are higher.

In the prematch, the bettor has much more time to think over the bets. In live, you need to think faster, especially when it comes to tennis, volleyball and other sports, where the outcome of a game or match can be decided in 20-30 seconds. You need to act in cold blood, which can be a problem for beginners.

Betting on the pre-match line, the bettor runs the risk of making a mistake. Even if you have conducted a thorough and in-depth analysis, studied the form of the teams and roughly presented their game plan, this does not guarantee success.

The human factor has not gone away from sport: a coach can change the tactics of his team, and a tennis player can play in an unusual manner for him. In live you will see that the game is going according to a different scenario and adjust the rates.

By watching the events live, you get more information: you can see real, not tentative lineups, you can study the emotions of the players and understand their motivation, etc.

Thanks to live, you can catch a legal fork. Usually the offices track the arbers and punish them harshly. But if in the prematch you made a bet on one outcome, then no one forbids other bets to be blocked during the fight. As a result, the bettor can catch two high odds, which will be profitable in any case.

Pre-match and live bets have one thing in common – the need for competent analysis. Without analytics, the chances of success tend to zero, both before and during the game.

What you need for a quality prematch game

Sports betting can be just fun or a way to make money. In the second case, betting should be treated like any work – seriously and thoughtfully. In addition, the player must have a number of characteristics and qualities:

  • Analytical thinking… You need to understand why you cannot bet on Barcelona at 1.05, but at 1.25 it is quite possible; why it is better to play “total less” in a football match in rainy weather; why the number of corners is closely related to the tactics and strategy of teams and other aspects.
  • Ability to work with statistics. It is important to understand the statistics. For example, a team won 3 matches in a row. This is good, but who was her rival? Yeah, the last 3 teams of the championship, and in the last match the victory was achieved thanks to a penalty in the last minute. Consequently, there is no need to talk about the cool form of the team.
  • Awareness. To play the prematch profitably, you need to follow all the news and events in the sport you are betting on. It’s not only about injuries and disqualifications, but also about the personal life of athletes.

What you need for a quality live game

  • Ability to react quickly and make decisions. Often, in live, a profitable coefficient lasts for a few seconds or even less. During this time, the bettor needs to find it, analyze it and place a bet.
  • Deep knowledge of a particular sport and the ability to read the game. It is necessary to be able to predict the possible development of events based on what you see at the moment. For example, the favorite team gave up the initiative to the opponent for 10 minutes – do not rush to bet on the underdog. It is quite possible that the favorite is simply gaining strength before the decisive assault. Such moments are quite subjective and it is sometimes difficult for the bookmaker to formalize them, therefore, the player has a chance to catch the bookmaker.
  • Composure and adherence to the chosen strategy. If you have chosen one strategy of the game, stick to it until the end. Do not succumb to momentary emotions, do not rush into the pool with your head. For any deviation from these rules, the bettor will face a severe financial punishment – up to the complete drain of the bank.
  • Nice broadcast. It is desirable to keep track of live rates using a high-quality video picture without delays. Then the bookmaker will not have the opportunity and time to deceive you.

Which bets in the bookmaker are more profitable – in prematch or live?

If earlier sports betting fans could make predictions only before the start of the event, then over time, live bets appeared, the popularity of which is not inferior to prematch. Both those and other rates have their advantages.

Benefits of a prematch

  1. More time to analyze. You have several hours or even days to view statistics, the current form of teams, compare the history of personal meetings and make a choice. You can read the forecast, study information on social networks, read the statements of coaches and players. In live, decisions are made in a matter of seconds.
  2. Less emotion. In the prematch, you don’t follow the game, you don’t root for your team. Particularly emotional live players can make stupid bets.
  3. You can play for fun. A certain category of bettors makes bets not for the sake of money, but “for the soul.” Such players do not need to waste time and nerves at all on live.
  4. Bookmaker does not delay accepting bets. In live, there are situations that after clicking the “Place a Bet” button, the office takes a long time to process the bettor’s choice. As a result, the odds change or the event is removed from live.
  5. Bookmaker margin. Usually this indicator in a prematch is lower than in a live one. If the margin before the match is 5%, then in live it will rise to 8% for the same event.

Benefits of live

  1. In live mode, it is easier for a bettor to find an event underestimated by a bookmaker. Leading bookmakers, as a rule, have a whole analytical department that carefully draws up the pre-match line. Much less bookmaker employees follow the live, and therefore it is more realistic to find a value rate. Well, we cannot exclude the banal mistakes of the office – in time trouble they are much more likely, because the liner may be less experienced than you.
  2. Seize the moment! In live bets, the bettor closely monitors the course of the event (unless, of course, he is an amateur playing for fun) and may find out what is not available in the prematch: emotions, players’ injuries, worsening weather, etc. Professional bettors know how to catch such moments and bypass the bookmaker by placing a good odds on time.
  3. The ability to block the rate. If you made a bet in the prematch, then after the start of the event you will not influence it in any way. In live, you can change your mind and bet a large amount on a new favorite, overriding the previous bet.
  4. The ability to get quick money. In live, there are many more options to bet on a fleeting outcome: a goal or a puck until a certain minute, a tennis player’s victory in a particular game. Having bet on the pre-match line, you often have to wait until the end of the event.
  5. Limits. Quite a controversial point, but nevertheless, in the prematch, beeches cut the limits more often. In live, you can make several bets in a row with a small change in the odds. As a rule, by changing the quotes even by 0.01, the office again raises the limit to the maximum.

So what are the best rates? This question can be called rhetorical – it all depends on the experience and character of the player. Especially emotional people and those who do not know how to make decisions quickly, it is better not to meddle in live. On the other hand, in live mode, you can track the progress of the match, as well as catch the bookmaker on incorrect assessment of events or on an error. In general, it is better for beginners to practice when playing in the classic line, and for more experienced bettors, live is the best fit.

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