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Printers do not print after a Windows security update.

Less than a week ago, we talked about a vulnerability in the drivers of HP, Xerox, and Samsung printers, which for 16 years allowed hackers to access a computer at the admin level remotely. As soon as printer manufacturers released an update and closed the hole in the software of their products, printing problems appeared in Windows itself. Many Windows users who use smart cards for authentication have a printer that has fallen off. In particular, printing and scanning functions have become unavailable.

What happened?

On May 28, 21st, a security issue was discovered in the Microsoft Windows Center, CVE-2021-33764. In July, the monthly update KB5004237 was released, allowing you to safely connect the printer to your computer via USB. It was the cause of new problems with printing.

Who is hooked by the KB5004237 update?

Below are the versions of Windows whose users could not understand why the printer does not print:

  1. 1 Windows 10 21H1/20H2/2004/1607/1909/1809/Enterprise LTSC 2019/LTSC 2016/LTSB 2015;
  2. 2 Windows 8.1;
  3. 3 Windows 7 SP1;
  4. 4 Windows Server 20H2/2004/1909/1809/2019/2016/2012 R2/2012/Server 2008 R2 SP1/SP2

Microsoft assures that developers are already taking action to fix the problem.

Windows update KB5004237 has caused its own printers

What to do?

Until Microsoft publishes updates with the corrected code, we recommend that you install the old system update. You can also reinstall the printer by uninstalling the old driver. Call the wizard if the printer does not work (does not print and/or scan), but you did not update Windows. Perhaps the reason lies in the driver. Then the issue will be resolved within an hour. Or maybe the power supply, foretter, scanner unit, or other office equipment node has failed. In this case, diagnostics and full repair of the laser printer are required. You can order the corresponding service in our service. Unlike Microsoft developers, employees of the TonFix workshop conscientiously approach their work and guarantee quality repairs.

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