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Printing defects in inkjet printers: Possible Solutions

Inkjet printer cartridges dry up during long service interruptions. The ink dries in the nozzles. Every owner of the jet machine is aware of this. Most printing defects are associated with cartridges. Less often, other components of the device are to blame. Repair of printers helps only if you correctly diagnose and find out the source of the problem. This material will help you with this.

Dried cartridge

In this case, the user observes the following symptoms:

1. the printed sheet comes out half or completely clean;

2. white symmetrical stripes;

3. fuzzy image transfer.

Such printing defects can be solved by cleaning the cartridges. On how to restore the dried cartridge of an inkjet printer, you can find out in our other material. This is the slightest problem faced by the user of the “jet.”

Loop problems

There is a plume on the bottom of the cartridge, around the nozzles (an orange plate on which the contacts are located). In the presence of damage, the user is faced with the following defects:

1. the sheet comes out of the printed path white;

2. the floor of the sheet is not printed;

3. does not print color images;

4. does not print one of the colors.

The solution, in this case, is only one – to buy a cartridge on the printer and send the old one to scrap. The presence of traces of burnout on the plume will not be repaired. If there are traces of dirt on the plume, but there is no visible damage, it is necessary to wipe the surface and continue troubleshooting carefully.

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inkjet printer printing defectsструйный принтер печатает с дефектами

Damage to nozzles

This printing defect of the inkjet printer is manifested as follows:

1. wide white stripes that blur closer to the edges;

2. one of the colors prints in lines, intermittently;

3. if you send a test page of the printerto print, one color is missing from the sheet.

The presence of one item from the above list may already indicate problems with nozzles. To see the damaged nozzles, it is enough to thoroughly wipe them with a clean napkin and arm yourself with a magnifying glass. Nozzles are not repairable, so if there is damage, the cartridge is replaced completely.

inkjet printer malfunctionsinkjet printer does not print well

Physical wear of nozzles

Among all the defects in printing inkjet printers, nozzles’ wear can not be detected without special equipment – a microscope. However, experienced artisans can identify problems with nozzles by printing out a test sheet. Symptoms of nozzle wear are as follows:

1. in some places the lines are not printed evenly;

2. there are uniform spaces or faded areas;

3. some lines look thinned.

In addition to natural wear, the quality of the ink used is important. Cheap or selected ink accelerates the physical wear of the print head. Over time, the cartridge nozzles can change shape. Defects in the printing of inkjet printers, in this case, are very similar to the situation when ink blockages have formed in the nozzles. In other words, the cartridge has dried. For this reason, it is recommended to clean the cartridge several times deeply.

inkjet cartridge nozzles under microscopeплохая печать струйного принтера

GHG depressurization

Problems occur when printing color images. There can be many reasons for depressurization, but only a wizard can specify the exact cause. Sometimes the tightness of the cartridge is broken inside the consumable. Between the nozzles and the body, there is a rubber gasket, which eventually passes air. Also, depressurization is external, for example, where the plume is located around the nozzles. It is necessary to replace the GHG cartridge.

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Note! How do I check the internal depressurization of the print head? Do a few deep nozzle cleanings. Then, using a syringe and tube, pour in the flushing liquid. If the liquid spills out through the adjacent entrances, most likely, the rubber band has lost weight. GHGs need to be replaced.

разгерметизация печатающей головкидефекты струйного принтера

Incorrect operation of the decoder, control board

Symptoms of inexority:

1. strips of faded text;

2. the test page does not print half of the black or color image.

3. point bald spots, which can be lined up;

4. the device confuses the colors.

The decoder is located in the cartridge itself, so it is recommended to replace the unit immediately. Confusion with color reproduction is solved by diagnosing the control board. With rare exceptions, a color offset occurs due to incorrect adjustment of the print head.

неисправности струйного принтераструйный принтер печатает с дефектами

Contamination of encoder tape

The encoder tape is a PG guide. Through it, the device controls the movement of the carriage and determines the trajectory of movement. When it gets dirty, the inkjet printer prints “with errors.” Eliminate this printing defect will help prevent the printer and clean the tape.

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