Russia U20 – Sweden U20: forecast and bet by Pavel Lysenkov

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You are on the RB – Hockey channel, where there is a lot of hockey content. This is the program “Hockey Department” and “Gimaev’s Five”, as well as a lot of predictions for the NHL and KHL matches, the Russian national team. The latter is exactly what we’ll do, because the World Youth Championship starts tonight in Edmonton.

The Russian national team plays its first match against the Swedes. What do I think of this? We saw the Russian national team in a friendly match against the Canadians, where the first period did not come out of the word “at all”. Goalkeeper Askarov looked unconvincing. He and Guskov decided to divide this match into two parts. Askarov played first, and then Guskov. The coaching staff decided to test the goalkeepers. Guskov looked more confident.

Losing 4: 6 is a shame, but in the second half of the match ours played out. Michkov scored his points. Overall, the team left a good impression, but questions still arose. The start of the match and 0: 4 – it was sad. I wonder who will be put in the gate. But before making a bet, still look at the composition, since Askarov is one thing, and Guskov is something completely different.

I think that Yaroslav is not very confident in this season and he needs to gain this confidence. I would be very surprised if he magically transforms in the match with the Swedes and makes a “crackle”, although, of course, we wish him that. In general, I like the Russian national team by their names in attack. First of all, we have the megastar Michkov. We have a good line of attack, good defense. If we remove the turbulence with the goalkeeper, then we can beat the Swedes.

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My prediction is that Russia will win, even with 1.92 overtime. We remember that the Swedes constantly won in the group stage, they even had a streak of 45 victories in a row, they looked great in the group. They have stars. This is not a timid team.

Let me remind you that earlier under Bragin we had such a tradition of slowly rolling into a tournament, losing at the start and only then gaining momentum. Sergey Zubov also needs to figure out what’s what. In general, it seems to me that we have many young stars, a good generation is coming and Michkov is the leader of this team, despite his 17 years old.

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