Russia U20 – Sweden U20: forecast and rate. The hosts will abandon the majority

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Team form

Unfortunately, due to the restrictions and prohibitions associated with the coronavirus pandemic, it was not really possible to evaluate the games of these teams due to the reduction in the number of friendlies.

The Russian national team lost to Canada with a score of 4: 6, showed a terrible start – conceding four goals in the first period at once. Sweden, in turn, chose an opponent with a significantly weaker level. “Tre Krunur” destroyed their peers from Austria – 7: 0.

Bookmakers consider the teams’ chances of winning in regular time more or less equal, but they give a little more preference to the Swedes – 2.46, and to Russia – 2.55.

Goal bet

The Russian national team chose a good opponent for the test match: spectators and experts saw all the worst sides of the new team, but along with them – and positive. For example, playing in the majority.

The hockey players of the Russian national team were able to realize their numerical advantage twice against a powerful opponent. One five did it, including 17-year-old talent Matvey Michkov. The most experienced Oleg Znarok is responsible for the majority in our team, so you can be calm about playing in unequal squads.

Our rate

The goal of the Russian national team in the majority with a coefficient of 1.78.

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