Russia U20 – Sweden U20: prediction and bets by Vitaly Slavin

What to hide, terribly upset the control match before the MFM-2022, in which our fighters flew into one wicket to the hosts of the tournament – 4: 6. Those who have not seen the game should not look at the score. The Canadians easily threw four coleshniks into Askarov’s net in the first period and simply gave up playing.

The Swedes also checked themselves before the start of the tournament. But much more successful: they defeated the Austrian national team – 7: 0.

It is interesting that a year ago we were also in the same group with the Scandinavians. The match then in Edmonton turned out to be extremely stubborn. The Swedes crawled away to a draw a minute before the final siren. Only six seconds remained until the end of overtime, when Khusnutdinov scored the winning goal in the majority – 4: 3.

I would risk making two bets on a duel with a powerful competitor:

– to win the Russians, albeit in extra time. If we claim gold at MFM-2022, we have no right to lose the second match in a row. Even if the game with Canada was purely training;

– for total over five. Both teams have forwards – Michkov and Holz, Khusnutdinov and Eklund are clearly stronger than defenders. Six pucks for two teams may well be.

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