Russia U20 – Switzerland U20: forecast and bet by Pavel Lysenkov

Hello everyone!

You are on the RB-Hockey channel. We will discuss the performance of the Russian national team. Our team has already played against the Swedes at the youth championship. Alas, I lost with a score of 3: 6, but now we will have a match with the Swiss team. What do I think of this?

I must say right away that my forecast for this match is TB (6.5) for 2.02. What am I starting from? I base myself on the fact that our goalkeepers do not play very well. There is a question for Askarov. I have no idea who I will pick for this match. The question with the goalkeepers is open, and it is not a fact that our goalkeeper will make a “cracker”.

In addition, the Swiss national team is clearly not the strongest, plus the captain was eliminated because of the covid. This is a serious loss, and maybe also an epidemic in the team. The national team will be weakened. There is a chance to throw them a lot, especially since our attack is in order and Michkov makes a double in each game.

You can count on a large number of pucks, but you also need to rehabilitate yourself for an unsuccessful game with Sweden. It was full of deletions. Ours grabbed the removal out of the blue and played a lot in the minority. We played 3 on 5 twice and conceded goals. Sweden is a very good and classic team that punished us for this.

In the previous forecast, I believed in ours, but the opponent did everything according to the classics, and ours retired so often that they simply did not give themselves a chance. I hope Switzerland will not squeeze us like that. Still, this team is below the level. Everyone is confident that Russia will win. Even in the main time, they give a small kef for the victory of Russia.

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I would be chasing totals here. The total is more than 6.5 goals, the score is about 4: 3. Fine, why not. This is the youth world championship, where the sharply attacking hockey takes place. Russia must win, otherwise we will have a very difficult tournament alignment, because America and Slovakia are still ahead.

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