“Sacramento” – “Memphis”: forecast and rate. “Kings” will fight back “bears”


The main players are gradually returning to the “kings” line-up. In the last meeting, Holmes played, and in the match against Memphis Fox is expected to return, however, his minutes are likely to be limited. Nevertheless, there are also Harrison Barnes, Buddy Heald, who can shoot at any moment. Yes, the last match against the weakened Clippers can hardly be considered an asset, but at home, even with a weak defense, the Kings have won 5 of the last 8 battles. Moreover, Sacramento have a grudge against Memphis, who have won their last five head-to-head matches, including defeating twice this season.


The Bears are already playing almost in the fighting lineup, but they have clearly caught a slight decline, having lost the last three matches. In the last game with the “Golden State” “Memphis” held up very well, only failing in the last minutes, unable to keep the extravaganza of Curry. That defeat ended a streak of six away wins. I must admit that the return of Ja Morant to the ranks did not safely affect the team, which, without its leader, performed much more efficiently. However, a streak of three defeats is really a lot for the “bears”, as the bookmakers are hinting at.


Despite the fact that “Memphis” here looks like a clear favorite, I still want to take a chance and try to play a decent odds for the victory of “Sacramento”. Still, it should be noted that the “kings” play at home, where they rarely fail two matches in a row, plus the composition is already almost fighting. Yes, and it is necessary to interrupt the series of full-time failures, taking advantage of the crisis in the opponent’s game.

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The Kings have lost two straight home matches this season only twice this season. At the same time, “Memphis” on the road, if inferior, then in series. Sacramento’s 2.82 win looks very tempting.

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