Sappho Sakellaridi – Maria Sholokhova: forecast and bets by Yaroslav Perkanyuk

Sappho Sakellaridi

Sakellaridi is among the young and promising tennis players expected to make a breakthrough. But the tennis player is in the top 650 and regularly fails on small futures. But we must pay tribute to Sappho, she gives all the best on the tour at 100% and has already played 118 matches this season.

Sakellaridi spends all the game time on soil futures. The reason is that the Greek woman has neither strong feed nor power in strikes. Therefore, most of the points are won in the stubborn rallies on the back line. It is worth noting that at such a young age, the tennis player stands out with a huge arsenal of all kinds of punches.

Maria Sholokhova

Sholokhova only this season began to combine performances among juniors and at a professional level. Maria held only 20 fights in 2021 and faced rivals of the top 300-400 level many times. In each such match, the Russian woman was in the status of an obvious outsider, but at the same time imposed a stubborn struggle on the court.

Sholokhova has a good first serve, but unjustifiably risks on the second ball, because of this she allows a lot of doubles. In the rallies, Maria acts according to the situation, she can both hold the ball in the court and quickly complete the rallies. But so far, the Russian woman is sagging in every aspect of the game (due to a lack of experience).

Analysis of the fight

Sakellaridi acts viscously on the court and only waits for mistakes, the Greek woman sags noticeably on fast surfaces. Sholokhova is capable of giving her opponent a lot of problems on the back row. In addition, Sappho has no serve, so the Russian woman will have a lot of break points. I recommend betting on Sholokhova’s victory with a handicap + (6).

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