Sasha Kumar Mukund – Denis Evseev: forecast and rate. Who is the favorite in this game?

Sasha Kumar Mukund

Sasha started the tournament in Forli with qualification. He played in two games against Patrick Niklas-Salminen and Francesco Villardo. Already directly in the main draw, Kumar Mukund beat Francesco Forti (7: 6.6: 3).

The pitch works very well for the representative of India and he feels comfortable in long rallies.

Denis Evseev

Denis still cannot make a certain breakthrough in the ranking. At the moment, the representative of Kazakhstan is on the 403rd place in the APR tour. He started the new season with a performance at the Challenger in Forlì, where he outplayed Moe Echargi, Elmir Eyupovic and Gonzalo Oliveira in the main draw.

Evseev moves very well on the court, and he is dangerous at the reception.

Personal meeting history

Tennis players met once in their careers. In 2019, Evseev won in the format of three sets.

Outcome betting

Sasha Kumar Mukund’s victory is estimated 2.41, and the triumph of Denis Evseev is available for 1.58

Forecast and rates

Evseev looks much more varied at the reception. Mukund has a serving advantage. Sasha Kumar will get a good chance of success only if the first goal is over 60, and possibly even 65%. Objectively, here Denis looks like a favorite absolutely deservedly. I propose to take his clear victory. I do not exclude a struggle and possible three parties, but the final victory should remain with the representative of Kazakhstan.

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