“Sassuolo” – “Bologna”: forecast and rate. Play nicely, huh?

Judge: Fabbri M.

Stadium: Mapei – Citta del Tricolore (Reggio nel Emilia).

Out: Djuricic (Sassuolo), Michael, Shuten (both Bologna).

Team form

“Sassuolo” after two defeats at the end of October, she pulled herself together and had a great ending of the year. The team played 6 matches and won 2 of them and drew 4 of them. Of course, there could have been more victories, but the result is still pretty good. Especially when you consider that Sassuolo played with Milan, Napoli, Lazio and Fiorentina.

“Bologna” on the contrary, in recent matches is not impressive. Mikhailovich’s team regularly scored points, and then three defeats in a row – and not from the giants, but in the games with “Torina” and “Fiorentina”. I think that in the last game of this year, the footballers from Bologna should get together.

Outcome betting

Bookmakers in this meeting are betting on “Sassuolo”, which has not lost for six rounds in a row. The home team can be taken with a coefficient of 2.06, the draw goes for 3.72, the guests of the BC were rated at 3.65.

In face-to-face meetings, “Sassuolo” has an advantage – they have 3 wins on their side. “Bologna” has one victory, and in another meeting the teams drew. How will it be this time?

Sassuolo are in good shape and I think that the team should be closer to victory. But “Bologna” knows how to surprise – especially after three defeats in a row, the mood will be appropriate. I would not go into the outcome.

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Total bets

There should be goals in this meeting. Bookmakers agree with me – they give total more than 3.0 goals for 1.99, the “grassroots” option is priced at 1.86.

The teams play effectively against each other – in all the meetings, an exchange of goals was recorded, and in 4 games out of 5 teams scored at least 3 goals.

I think there will be goals in this meeting. “Sassuolo” is in good shape and has hardly scored less than 2 goals in recent games. At “Bologna” there has been a decline, but this is the last game of the year. And after three defeats in a row, the motivation will be prohibitive – we take total over 3.0 goals.

Forecast and bet on the match “Sassuolo” – “Bologna”

The teams are maximally “charged” – the last round before the break, and each has its own tasks. “Sassuolo” – to win. At “Bologna” – at least interrupt their streak of 3 consecutive defeats. I think the teams will play offensively (as they can) – and for the fans. Taking goals – total over 2.5 and exchange of goals for 1.87.

Photo: Alessandro Sabattini / Getty Images Sport

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