Severstal – Dynamo Moscow: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

There is a strong suspicion that Severstal went on New Year’s holidays a little ahead of schedule. At least, this is what her result in the previous round, in which the team of Cherepovets lost at home to Vityaz, testifies to this. Of course, we know very well that Vityaz traditionally starts playing “when the kidneys have fallen off,” but in this way it has already slowly reached the Sochi people. To the playoff zone, of course, as to Beijing on all fours, but the chicken, as you know, pecks at the grain …

But if Severstal approaches Dynamo with the same approach as for the Knights, it will be something. True, for this it is necessary to temporarily isolate Andrei Razin at the residents of Cherepovets. Being well acquainted with the heartbreaking story of how Razin was driving alone in a club bus to Saratov, and all the players of Kristall ran after the bus on a frosty night, I can imagine what happened in the locker room of Severstal after a home defeat by Vityaz, even in overtime.

Therefore, there will be a fight, even if for this the Cherepovets hockey players have to put aside the holiday Olivier. Moreover, Olivier for the New Year is not intended to be eaten, but to sleep in it. There will be a fight, but will Severstal have the strength to cope with today’s Dynamo.

I think that’s enough, but not quite. That is, Severstal will not lose to the blue and white in regulation time. What will be there in additional – it is written with a pitchfork on the water, but the hosts will score a point.

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