Severstal – Vityaz: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

Earlier, considering a series of defeats of Severstal, we predicted that the oligarchs in rivals will soon not completely end, but at least they will not go in a row. Therefore, the Razin people will feel better and somewhere they can take a breath. Because nothing terrible happened, the “airbag” worked and turned out to be not only sufficient, but even with a margin. It must be said that Severstal itself emerged from the “oligarchic encirclement”, without lowering its banners, and even beat Ak Bars in the end, and in Kazan.

Now it seems that it should be easier, and the first rival from the category of “easier” is “Vityaz”. This team is known mainly for the fact that it starts playing when, as they say, it’s too late to drink Borjomi, and the train to the playoffs is already complete and sets off. This time, too, the “knights” fell and fell, fell and fell. And they started when it was on all fours before the playoff zone, and, in principle, everything was already clear.

Thus, if you look at the upcoming match from this side, then Vityaz, of course, presents a certain danger for Severstal. And to beat the Moscow Region team on straight legs and without a sweat will definitely not work. On the other hand, the Cherepovites have already beaten Moscow residents twice this season, so they know how to do it.

In general, it would be somehow wrong if, having beaten Ak Bars away, Severstal lost at home to Vityaz, would you agree? Therefore, I predict a home victory for Severstal, and won in regulation time. And the account does not matter in this case.

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