“Sevilla” – “Barcelona”: prediction and rate of Alexei Smirnov

“Sevilla” once again earned three points in the match in which they looked worse than the opponent, and now they are in second place
with 37 points in the account. “Barcelona” came close to the European Cup zone – seventh position and 27 points scored.
In the last round, both teams fouled quite a lot, but at the same time they practically did not cross the line of what was permitted. I think that in the upcoming battle there will be no such modesty.

On the one hand, we have Yulen Lopetegui’s charges, who can reduce the gap with Real Madrid by three points, and on the other, Xavi’s team, which is gradually gaining confidence. If the blue garnet win, they will immediately jump to the fifth line of the table, which also cannot leave them indifferent. I suppose that tournament motivation will play a decisive role in the dedication of the players, who will be nervous and not always act cleanly. The referee Carlos Del Cerro Grande, serving this meeting, even in not the most fierce confrontations, often presents at least four warnings. Most likely, the bar will be much higher here. I bet on TB (5) LCD.

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