Sevilla – Barcelona: prediction and rate of Eduard Mora

The postponed match of the 4th round of the Spanish championship. Of course, a very interesting game is expected. Sevilla this year declared itself as a real contender for high places, including for the championship. This is the main pursuer of Real Madrid, who lost points in the last round, having played in a draw.

Sevilla have just won a tough and challenging fight against Atl├ętico. This is a very important victory in every sense. Both from the point of view of the tournament and in terms of psychology.

Barcelona won 3: 2 in the last round, although they had a big lead. The first roles are played by young people who have scored all the goals. Coutinho or Luc de Jong cannot even come out as a substitute. Xavi relied on the future so that young talents would receive more and more game practice and take on the game. They meet expectations. But they still need time. Against weak teams, it turns out to score more than concede. But against Sevilla it will be very, very difficult. I repeat, Barcelona is just being built.

I think Sevilla will win. At the same time, Barcelona is playing interestingly, they will score their goal.

Therefore, I offer two options for betting. The first one is TB (2.5), this is beyond doubt. The second is the victory of Sevilla, they are on the move now, they are more experienced and better. It will be important for her to beat Barcelona.

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