“Sevilla” – “Barcelona”: prediction and rate of Vladimir Chaplygin

So, let’s look at the statistics of the teams’ performance last season. In total, the Spanish Example played 380 matches, the average number of fouls per game is 26.5. “Sevilla” committed 12.68 violations of the rules at home, and “Barcelona” away – 8.89. So, according to preliminary indications, the total number of fouls is less.

Now let’s take a closer look at the identity of the referee appointed to serve the upcoming match. Meet Carlos Del Cerro Grande. Last season, he worked in Example in 21 meetings, on average he recorded 26.05 fouls per game. At the same time, out of these 21 matches, total under 28.5 was recorded 13 times. If we take the 11 most recent games of Examples with the participation of Carlos Del Cerro Grande, the average number of fouls will be 25.8.

It is clear that Barcelona are not what they were just a couple of years ago. Previously, this team was considered to be low-folded. But even now, she did not migrate to the camp of outright rude people. I think that the total less should be expected from the upcoming meeting.

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