Shchukin’s basketball strategy

Shchukin’s basketball strategy

Shchukin’s strategy is widely known among professional bettors, it applies to various sports, but is especially popular when applied to basketball. It is based on the pre-match analysis of team statistics in order to predict the total.

The essence of Shchukin’s basketball betting strategy

In order to determine as accurately as possible the probable total of the match, Shchukin suggests taking into account the following factors:

  • The number of points scored for each team during the last 5 matches;
  • The number of points scored in personal meetings over the past 3 years;
  • Statistics of wins and losses for each team in the last 5 matches;
  • Home site factor;
  • Forecast of different bookmakers for the total of this fight.

According to the author of the strategy, the analysis of matches gives the result in 70% of the bets, which is a good indicator that can bring a stable profit.

Shchukin's basketball strategy

How to make calculations

The strategy of betting on basketball from Shchukin involves the search for value bets, and for this you need to make the following calculations:

  1. The number of points scored by the first team in the last five matches is added up and divided by 5, the average total is obtained;
  2. To the resulting result, you need to add 1 point for a victory and subtract 1.5 points for a defeat;
  3. Do the same for the second team;
  4. To the resulting total of the home team, you need to add 3 points as a bonus for your site;
  5. Determine the average total of teams in head-to-head confrontations using a similar principle;
  6. Determine the individual total of the first team by adding the results of points 1, 2, 4 + 5 and dividing by two;
  7. Determine the individual total of the second team by adding the points 3 + 5 and dividing by two.

As a result of the calculations, it is possible to make a forecast for the upcoming match and compare it with the offer of the bookmaker’s office. To understand whether it is advisable to place a bet, you need to make sure that the values ​​differ by at least 5 points. In case of a loss, Shchukin recommends recouping according to the “catch-up” strategy, using exactly the same calculations.

Pros and cons of Shchukin’s basketball strategy

The rates on the Shchukin program have their pros and cons, which it is better to know about in advance.

Main advantages:

  • An understandable and accessible method of making calculations;
  • According to Shchukin, the winning strategy is 70% of the bets;
  • Many matches available for bets;
  • The ability to combine with other strategies.

Main disadvantages:

  • The forecast for matches takes into account only statistical data, which casts doubt on the passability of 70%, since the current form of the opponents, the level of their motivation, the composition for a specific match and other important factors are not taken into account;
  • The primitiveness of the calculation of totals, often bookmakers do it with much greater accuracy.

Important Tips

Shchukin’s strategy itself is very ambiguous, and it is possible to make a profit on it only taking into account the following nuances:

  • Be sure to analyze the matches of the top leagues, leaving aside friendly games and minor championships;
  • Try to avoid meaningless matches for at least one of the teams;
  • It is recommended to take into account the loading of coefficients by other players.

As a conclusion, I would like to say that Shchukin’s strategy is far from being as profitable as its author claims. It does not take into account too many important factors, without which it will not be possible to present a complete picture of the match. It can be used in its original form only for beginners who are just getting acquainted with sports betting and have no idea how, in principle, to prepare for the games. More experienced bettors can use it, but only in combination with other strategies and factors of match analysis.

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