Sheffield United – Middlesbrough: forecast and rate. Teams will play for the result

According to the bookmakers, the hosts are considered the favorites in this meeting. Sheffield United can win at 2.02, draw is 3.49, guests can be pulled at 3.94.

Both clubs are in good shape before the face-to-face meeting. Middlesbrough are fifth with four wins in their last five games. The situation is similar for “Sheffield” – 4 wins and one draw, but “Sheffield” is much lower than the opponent – at 12 positions.

Interesting statistics in the games against each other – in the last 5 games only home teams won – so “Middlesbrough” have 3 wins and two from “Sheffield”. Will this series be interrupted? Bookmakers believe that the hosts will win again.

What to stake in this meeting? The question is rather difficult. If you look at the games of “Sheffield”, in the last game he beat Fulham with a score of 0: 1, which is on the second line. Middlesbrough have plenty of trophies too, beating Championship leader Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest in their last 5 games.

I would pay attention to the statistics – only in one game out of the last 5 with the participation of teams, the “total over” was broken. In the remaining 8 games, only the “bottom”. How will it be in this game? I think that TM awaits us again – which, by the way, can be taken with a pretty good coefficient of 1.65.

Photo: Alex Pantling / Getty Images Sport

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