Should I connect a Laser Printer to UPS?

A UPS (UPS) is an uninterruptible power supply. It provides electricity to computers and other equipment to store data when the voltage temporarily disappears in the network and protects the equipment from interference in the network of the main source. The UPS is equipped with a battery, which supports the operability of the connected load. UPS also connects terminals, various network equipment, and household appliances. Is it worth connecting the laser printer to the uninterrupted? – Later in the article.

Does the printer need protection against power failures?

Like any other electronic device, a laser printer is vulnerable to voltage drops and other power failures. Imagine the situation. You print out the documents in the office for the upcoming meeting. Repairs are being carried out in the office building, which caused a power surge. As a result of a voltage drop, the printer’s power supply burns out. You will print the dock on another printer – this is logical. But you’ll have to spend time and money replacing/repairing the printer’s power supply to get it back up and running.

Забота о лазерном принтере

Suppose we are talking about a network printer that prints on special paper or film worth $2-3. During the failure, you will have to start printing again. In offices or printing houses with a problematic power grid, such situations can result in a penny. Plus, a loss of time, as you need to re-add all the tasks to the clipboard and wait for them to complete.

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Bottom line: additional printer protection from power failures will never hurt, especially when it comes to printing houses and office equipment.

Laser Printer and UPS – Features of the choice of uninterrupted

Owners of inkjet and dot matrix printers can easily connect their devices to an uninterruptible power supply. Devices of the middle class consume no more than 25 watts per hour of work, professional jets – no more than 50 W/h. For the operation of laser printers of the same level, you need about 450 Wh, which is 10 times more than inkjet counterparts. Here’s a good example: comparing the Lexmark X2500 inkjet MFP and the HP LaserJet 2300 laser printer.

Lexmark X2500HP LaserJet 2300
Lexmark X2500HP LaserJet 2300
Device name and modelLexmark X2500HP LaserJet 2300
Consumption in print mode W.18426
Scan W.8
Standby mode W.6.28.8-9.6
Copy W.23
Power saving mode W.8.6-9.3

So is it possible to connect a laser printer to a UPS/UPS if I buy an uninterruptible suitable power? No, it’s not that simple. Many manufacturers of “UPS- s” write in the instructions that the connection of laser printers, MFPs, and copiers can overload the UPS. The manufacturer is not responsible for the breakdown. Why can’t a laser printer be connected to a UPS?

Peak load

At the time of heating the stove, the laser can consume power up to 2 kVA, which is 3 times higher than its average power specified in the instruction 400-550 VA. If UPS is overloaded for 2-3 seconds, it will disable the entire load, including the PC. Accordingly, the power of the UPS should be in the range of 2-2.4 kVA.

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Note! Some UPS have sockets that do not connect to the battery. If UPS has the correct sine wave, you can use it as a surge protector. You can also use the following scheme:

Pure sine wave

A simistor regulates the heating of the laser printer stove. It requires a pure sine to work. This is why a laser printer cannot be connected to an approximated sine wave UPS. With the correct sine wave, there are some line-interactive UPS and all models of the online/online type. Information about the sine wave should be indicated in the technical passport of the product.

Other Ways to Protect Your Laser Printer from Network Failures

For home and office printers that do not need uninterrupted printing, you can look at cheaper options for protecting equipment from power failures:

  • voltage stabilizer;
  • surge protector.

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