Siberia – Ak Bars: forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

Since the times of our Khaidarovich Zinetula it has become a custom that the closer to the playoffs, the more terrible and terrible Ak Bars is. At the same time, the “big Tatars” have problems with leaving the holidays, but, unlike, say, “Salavat”, they do not have a systemic character. Roughly speaking, once at a time it is not necessary, and you can guess the figs here in advance.

In my opinion, the fact that Ak Bars is coming to Novosibirsk to take revenge is of paramount importance in this match. And how Kazan people know how to take revenge, they can tell you, for example, in Chelyabinsk. Where the current leader of the Eastern Conference and the entire league has mercilessly dealt with Ak Bars, and in the next “get-together” already “big Tatars” walked across the “Tractor” with an asphalt paver.

In our match, the picture is very similar, since at the beginning of November the Siberians trampled dry on the leopards in Kazan. And now the ashes of Klaas are beating in Kazan hearts. And if he doesn’t knock, then Dmitry Kvartalnov will make him knock, he is good at it.

It is this fact of the upcoming Tatar vendetta that makes me assume that the “big Tatars” will take two points in Novosibirsk. How they will do it, in the main or extra time, this is no longer important. The main thing is that they will take, no matter how strong Siberians resist.

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