Siberia – SKA: forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

Taking advantage of the inhibition of its main competitors, SKA slowly climbed the throne of the Western Conference. So far, not with his legs, he just sat down on the edge, but all the same … The most interesting thing is that no one noticed this, because everyone tore the hair on their heads (and not only on their heads) because of the refusal of the NHLers to go to the Olympics. At the same time, from the occupied edge of St. Petersburg residents may be asked if they stumble in Novosibirsk. Therefore, the army has an incentive (by the way, who does not know, the ancient Greeks had such a wooden stick with a sharp metal tip, which they poked the donkey just below the tail to make it go faster).

“Siberia”, of course, will not pretend to be a group “Hands up”, it will bite into it, but I must admit that the Siberians have not so many chances. Firstly, because they have no magical incentive, and they are unlikely to generally rise above the current sixth place in the East. Secondly, the statistics of personal meetings with SKA specifically among Novosibirskians is not very good. I would even say it’s bad: the St. Petersburg team has an almost threefold advantage in terms of the number of victories. Taking into account the fact that the counting began back in the days when there were no Rotenbergs near SKA, we can say that things have been going even worse for Siberia lately.

All this together allows me to predict a difficult SKA victory won only in the third period. But won at the same time in the main time. After that, the residents of St. Petersburg will fly further with a clear conscience – to chop both Far Easterners into fine cabbage.

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